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Margarita Machine - Slushee Machine - Dual Pull (Indoor Only)

Margarita Machine - Slushee Machine - Dual Pull (Indoor Only)


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Margarita machine operation:

- Takes a min of 2 hours to freeze upon setup

- Each side of the machine takes 1 jug (mixing jugs are provided)

- 5 gallons of margarita equals 75 - 8oz servings

- 5 gallons is recommended with a guest count of less then 40 moderate drinkers. Any party over 40 people, or less than 40 people with professional drinkers we recommend 10 gallons. 

- 2 bottles of tequila, 1 bottle of margarita mix, and water to the top of each provided plastic jug mixed for each hopper makes 5 gallons of frozen margarita (unit takes 2 hours minimum after set up time to freeze) 

- Hopper holds 3 gallons so once filled, there will be 2 gallons of margarita mix left in the provided mixing jug to reconstitute and fill the hopper as it is being consumed. Please keep in mind not to let either hopper get below 3/4 full without refilling as if the machine gets too low, then the 2 hour freeze time would apply again. 

- Margarita machine and 5 gallon plastic mixing jugs must be emptied by customer prior to pick up, but cleaning is not necessary. 


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